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David B.

  • Graphic Designer Since 2003 - 20+ Years

  • Create designs, logos, and photos via Adobe Suite Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere Pro/XD

  • Vectorize artwork for clients and vendors and promotional items, with branding guidelines

  • Silkscreen and heat press, different apparel mediums, with vinyl, numbers, embroidery, and transfers

  • Setup, print, and expose film positives onto screens, prepare for silk-screening

  • Create/prepare color separations, via digitally, Adobe Photoshop Suite

  • Design T-shirts, create mock-ups, and submit them to clients for revisions or approval

  • Create artwork for clients and digitize artwork for embroidery and Sinage

  • Short Video Animations and Videos for Social Media Posts

  • Update proposal product manager website, with client-approved mock-ups

  • Use a product designer to create a digital website, like On-Demand Printing, with client approval

  • Create new designs and concepts in a timely manner, Vector EPS, PNG, JPEG, MP4, GIF, and more

  • Fluently Speaking English, Haitian Creole, & Spanish

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